The Introduction Of Anti-Freckle Mask

Freckle-removing mask refers to the light freckle-removing effect of nutrients, added to the mask made of a variety of substrates. The mask will act as the carrier of this nutrient ingredient, so that the nutrient ingredient is absorbed by the skin, to achieve the effect of lightening and eliminating pigment spots on the face.

1. Cause of freckle removal mask

At different ages, people tend to have different types of spots on their faces. Common pigmented spots include nevus Ota, freckles, sun spots, and age spots. Pigmented spots are caused by many factors. One is related to genetics, some pigmentary skin diseases are passed from parents to the next generation; Second, hyperpigmentation caused by endocrine disorders; Third, irregular living habits, long-term mental pressure caused skin pigmentation; Fourth, scars from trauma, acne, etc., can also leave pigmentation.

Vitamin C is an oxidizing agent, which can inhibit the oxidation of dodo quinone in the skin, transform the dark oxidizing pigment in the skin into reductive light pigment, and inhibit the formation of melanin. Therefore, in response to the broad market demand, the relevant technical personnel carried out the development of a freckle mask.

2. Usage method

Time: Usually the woven mask can be applied for 10 ~ 15 minutes, the specific time can be determined according to the instructions on the mask. It should be noted that the mask is not applied for a longer time the better the effect, if you find the time specified on the mask instructions, but the mask is still very wet, there is no need to continue to apply, because the effective ingredients in the mask have been fully absorbed by your skin, and then apply will not increase the effect. The intensive efficacy of the mask use according to the instructions in the course of treatment, do not increase the number of application.