The Use Of Whitening Essence

Because there are many kinds of the essence, different functions, different characteristics, and different textures of essence emerge endlessly, causing a lot of trouble to beautiful women who like delicate makeup. Makeup, has become more and more a big system engineering, behind is a large number of cosmetics, makeup steps, and techniques of knowledge reserve, so makeup time is also longer and longer.

1. What is a whitening essence

Whitening essence is based on whitening, antioxidant essence, it has the general essence of hydration, moisturizing, and repairing nutritional function, but on this basis added niacinamide components more, so that it’s whitening, the antioxidant function is more powerful, its main role is to block the generation of melanin so that the skin is a white and clear beauty and young state.

2. The role and effect of whitening essence

Its main function is whitening and the brightening effect is good. This is also one of the features that many girls with dark and yellow skin like. Because of its tiny molecular structure, it can penetrate the bottom layer of the skin quickly, leaving the skin with a fundamentally white and clear texture. Whitening essence is recommended to be used at night. One of the reasons is that there is light sensitivity in the ingredients of whitening essence, which is easy to be affected by ultraviolet rays. It will not only make the skin black but also reduce the absorption effect of the whitening essence.

3. How to use whitening essence

How to use whitening essence. Squeeze out 2-3 drops of whitening essence, and then gently massage it away with your finger until it is absorbed. However, after the whitening essence is applied, you should wait a few minutes before you can proceed with the following skin care process. This is to better absorb the essence. The important thing is that the whitening serum is high in active ingredients. When using it, be careful to store it in a cool and dark place.