How To Wear A Scarf

The New Year’s Spring Festival is getting closer and closer. Of course, in some northern regions, even during the Spring Festival, the temperature is still relatively low. Friends party, go out to play, don’t forget to tie a nice scarf ah. So you want to know how to wear a scarf easily and nicely?

1. Shawl-type tying method

If you want to wear a scarf to create a shawl effect, then be sure to choose a scarf wider than pride. After all, if the scarf is too narrow, it is not easy to show an elegant temperament. So the choice of scarf must not be a small, wide pure color scarf, more prone to concave a variety of shapes. This is a simple way to tie the shawl. You just tie the scarf in two knots and hang it around your neck, then flip the wrap around your neck and adjust the shawl. It is very warm and elegant.

2. Antifold system method

It’s easier to tie the scarf with a pair of folds. It’s important to note, however, that this method requires the scarf to be long enough. It’s best to choose a scarf with tassels for a sweeter fashion look. The folding method is very simple. We just fold the scarf in half and wrap it around our necks. Pass the fringed side over the folded side and adjust the amount of puff. Isn’t that easy?

3. Circle-type system

The looping tie, as the name implies, is to wrap the scarf around your neck several times. Of course, the circular system method also has certain small skills, that need to pay attention to the three-dimensional sense that can be layered. While the knot is fluffy and beautiful, the other side of the scarf also needs to be plugged in naturally. This looped system will be more neat and advanced. Not too complicated hem, more sweet smell. Of course, this style is more suitable for girls with long necks.